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hogwartsiconmod [userpic]

Term XXX: Fanmix Exchange - Rules

November 11th, 2014 (04:07 pm)

banner by growling ♥

The Rules:
► You must sign up in order to participate.
► Please keep your assignment a secret until you post so that there can be some measure of surprise.
► All posts must have the #special-event: fanmix exchg tag.
► All posts must include the username for the giftee outside the cut.
► If you need to drop out, please email the HI mod at hogwartsiconsmod@gmail.com with the subject line “DROPOUT - your username”
► You must create at least one, and no more than 7 fanmixes for your giftee. (i.e. 1 post for your giftee.)
► Points will count towards your weekly total and thus cannot exceed 125 points.
► Each fanmix will be worth 20 points, and will be subject to normal rules that require a cover page, tracklisting page (both square graphics of either 400x400 or 500x500 sizing), and links to at least 5 songs.
► Gifts for giftees whose gifters had to drop out will be offered up to pinch hitters. (Thus, a pinch hitter sign up post will go up after regular sign ups close.)
► You will sign up for a week to post in once assignments go out. Slots will be available in an even amount per week depending on sign ups.
► Have fun and enjoy the music and pretty graphics~
► As always, remember to tag if you want The Order to crosspost to the HiH tumblr for you.